Easter Bunny & 50th Consumer Promo

Today ends the Easter period promo at Ikeja City Mall (ICM). For those that are on tenterhooks about the promo, it is a twofold promo with one goal in mind; to reward shoppers for patronizing stores in ICM during the festive period.  Both campaigns took off on the 7th April to 30th April.

I know one question may linger in your mind about what exactly the two events entail. The Easter Bunny promo and 50th Consumer promo are intertwined events seeking to reward shoppers who buy items from any of the stores in ICM up to the tune of N20,000 or above in a single purchase receipt to qualify for the raffle draws for both promos . What that means is that a shopper that has got two purchase receipts of N10,000 each will not qualify to be selected for the raffle draw neither can a shopper with a receipt of N19,500 qualify. 

Once shoppers have made the purchase for the required sum, receipts with names and phone numbers of shoppers written at the back are deposited in the drop boxes at the three entrances of the mall. 

Although both promos are interwoven, 10 lucky winners will emerge from the whole exercise with 6 shoppers selected for the Easter Bunny promo and 4 for the 50th consumer promo.

The major difference between both promos is that for the Easter Bunny, receipts will be deposited in the drop boxes by shoppers at the 3 entrances of the mall while for the 50th consumer, receipts are submitted to the Marketing Manager of the mall. The concept behind the 50th consumer is that sales representatives of all stores in the mall start to count shoppers that walk into their individual stores till they get to the magic number 50. Now that 50th shopper to walk into a particular store and spends the required sum qualifies for the raffle draw for the 50th Consumer promo. In the event that the 50th consumer spends less than N20,000, the next shopper to spend the required sum takes that slot.

The six winners from the Easter Bunny promo stand the chance to win fantastic prizes from gifts donated by stores in ICM while the 4 winners to emerge from the 50th Consumer promo will receive shopping vouchers to shop in select stores in ICM.

All 10 winners will be announced by 30th April so shoppers that participated in both promos be on the lookout. Follow us on twitter.com/ikejacitymall and facebook.com/ikejacitymall for more information about this promo and future promos.

Both promos in conjunction with Ikeja City Mall was supported by  Black Up, Owen & Gert, Seven Eagle Spur Family Restaurant, US Polo Association, Nike, Levi’s, Swatch, TM Lewin, Silverbird Cinemas, Rhapsody’s, V Shop, Kidz Country, Enzzo, Mango, Mr. Price, Montaigne Place, time-keepers, Bheerhugz CafĂ©, DSTV and Jack & Jones.