It’s time to celebrate our children again, our hope for a brighter future. For parents, children remain their greatest blessing. For us at ICM, we always look forward to this day, working closely with partners and our stores to give the kids a memorable experience to last a lifetime.

That is why we at ICM have decided to work with some of our stores to leverage on this period. We have even gone one further in ensuring we do not exclude working parents from sharing this special moment with their kids. Lego will be starting the “Children’s Day Expo” on 24th, 25th and 27th May 2014; the latter being a Tuesday, a working day. In the event some parents cannot make the actual children’s day, this weekend should definitely be dates to visit ICM.

Children getting creative with Lego toys
The Children’s Day Expo is an avenue for play and learning. It’s going to be a kids’ themed ambience where kids can explore their creativity, building stuff with the Lego toys around them.  On children’s day, the first 500 kids to enter the mall will get free Lego packs, their faces painted and handed balloons. It’s really going to be fun stuff. 

Playzone will also be giving kids that visit their game store free gifts. So parents, guardians, schools take maximum advantage of this. There are also a variety of games that will engage kids throughout their stay in Playzone. The staff of Playzone will be more than happy to receive you all.

Playzone welcomes every child

In addition, Seven Eagle Spur Family Restaurant will be open to all families. While parents are having a good meal, kids can participate in the water colour competition, and burn some of their energy in the compartment dedicated to kids. Two bicycles are up for grabs in this competition by the end of this month.

To this end, we hope parents, guardians will accompany their kids/wards to ICM, taking advantage of a plethora of fun-filled activities for kids during this exciting period.

ICM remains your choice destination for leisure, entertainment and shopping. Bring family and friends along with you.

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