Fun filled Children’s day

Master Olusile had fun celebrating his 5th birthday at ICM

Yesterday was epic! At ICM, it was all fun with the kids, their parents and guardians. The mall was filled to the brim by 12 noon. Lego and its staff were well prepared to receive the kids we envisaged will turn out in huge numbers. And we were not disappointed by the amount of kids within the mall and outside the terrace area.

Décor was already in place to create the kiddies theme. Lego set up shop at the two atriums before the mall opened. One at entrance 1 of the mall and the other at entrance 2 with a DJ catching the curiosity of shoppers and serenading them as they walked past the Lego set up. Kids were invited to get creative with the Lego bits around them, use their imagination to build stuff with those bits and pieces. They were guided by some Lego staff but allowed to express themselves as parents, guardians and shoppers looked on with interest.

At about 12 noon, at the terrace between Chicken Republic and KFC, kids were having their faces painted and given a Lego pack before going into the mall. Staff were positioned at other entrances to direct kids to the terrace to ensure all kids were covered. Overall, 500 kids had their faces painted, fifty Lego packs for 50 toddlers, 50 packs for kids within the age range of 2-5, then 100 packs apiece for kids within the age range of 5-12. The kids were thrilled with the toys and face painting and their parents were delighted.

The fun was not limited to the ground floor of ICM. There was fun stuff going on upstairs as well. Playzone also had their Children’s day event ongoing. They handed out gifts to shoppers that came over even those that did not make a purchase. Inside the store was another story. Kids were having so much with electronic games and rides that they could barely notice our photographers catching each exciting moment.

We all had a great time yesterday and it was great pleasure seeing the kids have so much fun at ICM. We look forward to doing this again.

So where will you and your kids spend the next Children’s day? ICM is your choice destination. While your kids are having fun, you can grab a quick snack or meal from one of the stores around the food court area. And while you’re at it, you can shop for a variety of other stuff such as clothes, shoes, gadgets, accessories etc. The list is endless and you can get them under one roof here at ICM.

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