Many underestimate stroke and would likely miss warning signs despite the high global death rate recorded and sadly it is prevalent among women.

To mark the 2014 World Stroke Day, Stroke Care International and Ikeja City Mall are organising an awareness campaign in the mall scheduled for 29th October. In line with this year’s theme ‘I am woman: Stroke affects me’, SCI have engaged in several awareness campaign activities raising awareness for stroke, symptoms to look out for and the impact it has had on families. They include TV talk shows, radio interviews, and newspaper articles. SCI will be complementing the aforesaid campaigns by embarking on enlightenment campaigns such as Walk for Stroke and free health checks which will be happening at ICM.

The Global Stroke Bill of Rights which was launched during the world stroke congress is an important priority for the World Stroke Organization. These rights identify the aspects of care that are important for all stroke survivors and caregivers from across the world.

Global stroke bill of rights

As a person who has had a stroke

I have a right to:

Receive the best stroke care.

·         A rapid diagnosis so I can be treated quickly.
·         Receive treatment by a specialised team at all stages of my journey (in hospital and during rehabilitation).

·         Receive care that is well coordinated.

·         Access treatment regardless of financial situation, gender, culture or place that I live.
·         Receive treatment that is right for me as an individual considering my age, gender, culture, goals and my changing needs over time.

Be informed and prepared.

·         Be informed about the signs of stroke so I can recognise if I am having one.

·         Be fully informed about what has happened to me and about living with stroke for as long as I require it.

Be supported in my recovery.

·         Be provided with hope for the best possible recovery I can make now and into the future.
·         Receive psychological and emotional support in a form that best meets my needs.

·         Be included in all aspects of society regardless of any disability I may have

·         Receive support (financial or otherwise) to ensure I am cared for in the longer term.

·         Be supported to return to work and/or to other activities I may choose to participate in after my stroke.

·         Get access to formal and informal advocacy to assist me with access to the services I need.

·         Be connected to other stroke survivors and caregivers so I may gain and provide support in my recovery from stroke.

Venue: Ikeja City Mall at the terrace (between KFC & Chicken Republic)

Time: 9am

Date: 29th October 2014.

 If you have any questions, please write to us at , or call +2347046153894.

Spread the word, bring friends and family, join us in raising awareness of stroke.