ICM Management would like to notify the public on the importance of reading signs around the Shopping Centre. Although ICM is a private property open to the public, the Centre is guided by rules and regulations as implemented by other A Grade Shopping retail spaces worldwide.

The signs are placed at strategic and visible spots for all to see (Pictures attached). You will find such signs at all entrances into ICM.

Right of Admission Reserved after Entrance One & Two  in ICM

Signs placed at all entrances into ICM.

ICM management is committed to maintaining standards that will give our shoppers the ultimate shopping experience. As part of this commitment, our standing rules and regulations govern our actions as they relate to safety standards that must be adhered to.

Here is an example…

If you are taking photographs in the mall, and our security operatives approach you to cease forthwith just by telling you, they are acting on behalf of the owners of the property. So they can either permit (upon proof of authorization to do so) or deny you. If you’re told photography is not allowed, continuing to take photographs is trespassing.

 Upon refusal to stop taking pictures in an orderly fashion, you are trespassing. At this point, the Police will be contacted to enforce compliance.

 This is not limited to photography alone. Other instances may include parking in disabled designated areas, smoking, carrying of arms, skating amongst others.

Please note, that our security operatives will not harass or assault anyone.

To this end, ICM hopes all visitors regardless of their social status do what is required of them and abide by our rules.

ICM reiterate its commitment to ensuring visitors have the ultimate shopping experience when they visit.

Thank you.