Mothers are the sweetest! Can we ever thank them enough for all they have done and will continue to do? Not quite.

Mother's Day is here and a perfect excuse to let them know how much you love and appreciate them. Add colour to her day on Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Enter the MY MUM & I contest.  
ICM is inviting you to submit your favorite “Mom Memories” with the hashtag #mymomandi on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. Don’t forget to include the hashtag so judges can view all entries.
The three best entries will be selected and winners contacted and the best gets a grand prize.

What’s on offer?
Winners will get gift bags from ICM which includes fabrics from Woodin and beauty products from Casabella. The grand prize will be a portrait of the eventual winner and mother presented by Emeka Ilechukwu Visual Artists. The best entries will feature on the ICM blog and website as well.

So … get a pen or start hitting your phone/laptop keypads and think up some beautiful memories you have shared with your mum.

 Good luck!!!!!

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