Celebrating worker's day we rewarded two shoppers with a wardrobe makeover; Quadri (Banker) & Lois (teacher). They shopped at Ennzo and TM Lewin respectively.

On Worker’s Day On May 1 and 2, 2016, Shoppers were asked to give us a reason why they love their jobs, tagging the ICM social media platforms using #workandplay to stand a chance to win wardrobe make over from one of the fashion brands in ICM.

It was not an easy decision choosing the two winners as there were so many others worthy of selection as well. 

Here are the reasons our winners gave below.

 “I love my job because when I see the kids I teach and impact knowlegde into, excelling, it gives me great joy and fulfillment 
Most at times, when teaching them, play comes in......the kids enjoy having me 
I'm blessed to be a teacher #workandplay #ikejacitymall”
  LOIS (Teacher). 
“I love my job because it give me the avenue to finance the Nigerian farmers with capital without collateral #Workandplay  Quadri (Banker).

It was heartwarming to see Lois, a teacher say she looks forward to transferring knowledge to children in the classroom while having fun at it. Quadri also enjoys being empowered to finance farmers in Nigeria without collateral. How cool is that?
ICM reserve accolades to all workers out there putting in the shift to make the economy and our society a much better place. Thank you all.

Here are other comments worth a mention…
 I love my job because it gives me the opprtunity to meet people of different religions and tribes and know their right and priviledges of every individual.#workandplay. #ikejacitymall  Sam Hough

My job is high risk, long hours and involves a lot of travelling but it is highly rewarding with good perks. I believe I am making positive impacts in the world #Workandplay #IkejacitymallKevin

“ I am a professional hair stylist..i used to work in the salon at ICM..... i love and have a great passion for what I do.. mainly because I get to be very creative, there's that good feeling when a lady comes into the salon and by the time she's living, she's looking completely different, adding to her self esteem..seeing her smile cus of my creativity makes me happy more than she is at the particular time.. i feel like I'm getting paid for playing......#workandplay. #ikejacitymall” – Momoh

“ I love my job because it helps to establish peaceful co-existence in the society through mutual settlement of disputes without resort to violence #workandplay #IkejaCityMall” – Femi

Impacting knowledge to children has bin a thing of joy to me..
As a teacher, I have d opportunity to teach children ad am fulfilled#workandplay. 
#Ikejacitymall - Adebayo

I have this great feelings when you convince people to patronize you,I love seeing people say that gal served me well, I love meeting people and talking to people, I love it when I solve people's problem with a smiles. I love my job because at the end of each day after work I feel fulfilled and each day I remember I will go to work I always smile. I work in film house cinema
Not into competition but can't help to type this” -

“I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to protect lives because as Chief Security Officer, i have come to understand that there is nothing as good as putting other people's life first in all you do#workandplay #ikejacitymall” – Jibodu