Imagine winning a ICM shopping voucher worth N50,000, or N100,000 or even better N200,000 on the eve of Black Friday?
Yes! This might be you if you have at some point dropped your evidence of purchase in one of our raffle boxes since the 5th anniversary promo started back in February. However, there’s another window for those that have never participated.
From 19th- 22nd of November, a grand finale draw will start and “new comers” can “get in”!  Even those that have dropped evidence of purchase the past 9 months are welcome.
All you have to do, buy any product or item worth N20,000 or above and that’s it. You will find raffle boxes in participating stores and in front of the central entrance into the mall. Just drop your receipts with your contact details at the back so the ICM team can contact you should you be part of the lucky three.
All three will be required to come to ICM and spend their cash prize on Black Friday (24th November).
There will be other attractions at the grand finale including
·         Other consolation prizes including Laptops, Tablets, Phones, VR Boxes and other 5th anniversary themed merchandise.
·         Comedy by the energetic MC Bonus
·         Music

·         Games, cake & other  give-aways