Undoubtedly the most populous state in the country and the second fastest growing city in Africa, Lagos is always buzzing with commercial activities, and like most mega cities in the world, things move so fast it's very easy not to remember those struggling and are less disadvantaged. Lagos is the city where prosperity and hardship live side by side. On one end, there's the sky scrappers and on the other array of shacks.  But everyone can play a key role in bridging the gap by extending a helping hand to the less privileged.

I CARE MORE is an initiative put together by Ikeja City Mall as a platform dedicated to reaching out to the most disadvantaged within our local communities by connecting people who need help with those willing to give. It's basically a platform for caring for people, connecting people and changing lives during the Christmas period.

This month, we will be having a Community Soup Kitchen and Outreach Drive at the ICM car park from 9am 26th December, 2017 (Boxing Day). ICM will be collaborating with The Elevation Church Mainland to put this all together.

Wouldn't it be special and different to share what you have or spend time after Christmas by giving and sharing with others in the true spirit of Christmas? It's boxing day why not! If this sounds like a great idea, then join us at Ikeja City Mall car park for a boxing day to remember.


Whether you're an individual, a group of people, family or company, you can help in as many ways as you deem fit. They may include but not limited to clothes and shoes. Either in mint condition or fairly used, but it should be good enough to be worn by anyone. Food items and any other desirable gifts. After all, it's Christmas! Please bear in mind that the people we will be helping include children and adults. There's never too much to give to those in need.

Thank you and Happy holidays!!!!!